DANS Energy reports progress on 96MW HEP in Sikkim

Dans Energy has reported progress on its Jorethang Loop Hydroelectric project coming up in in the Namchi subdivision of the west district in the state of Sikkim. The project is located aside the Rangit River which is a tributary of Teesta river.

The project will have an installed capacity of 96 MW, and will generate approximately 441.2 GWh (net) per annum. The project will involve the construction of a diversion barrage, approximately 13m in height, which will create a small reservoir of approximately 10.1 ha.

The flow will be directed from the reservoir, through an intake channel on the east bank of the river, into a 7.1 km head race tunnel, through a penstock, surge shaft and pressure shaft to the powerhouse. The powerhouse will house 2 x 48 MW vertical shaft type Francis turbines, that will be coupled with synchronous generators. The flow will be discharged via a 40m tail race channel back into the Rangit River. The project components from the head race tunnel to the flow discharge will be located underground.

The power which is generated by the project will be rated at 11kV. This will be stepped up to 132 kV at the switchyard of the power house, which is located above ground. The electricity will be exported through a 15 km double circuit 132 kV transmission line to the Melli sub-station on the Eastern Regional Grid.

As of December 2006, the project is expected to achieve financial closure in

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