MSSPL to set up 8MW Captive Power Plant

Mahendra Sponge & Power implementing a project to generate about 8MW by utilization of waste heat of flue gases generated in DRI kilns of its sponge iron plant located at Siltara in Chattisgarh . The power generated would be used to meet in-house power requirement of MSPPL. This will displace equivalent amount of power from the Chattisgarh State Electricity Board (CSEB) grid, which is primarily fossil fuel based.

The project involves setting up 2×10.5 tph waste heat recovery boiler for utilizing hign temperature heat of flue gases from DRI kilns. Steam will be generated and expanded in one bleed cum condensing turbine of 8MW to generate power WHRB steam will generate 4 MW power or equivalent . One 27 tph Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion ( AFBC ) Boiler is also being installed, which runs on char from the kiln & coal. Steam from both WHRB and AFBC boiler through a common header is fed to turbine to run it at full rated capacity of 8MW.

Contact :

Mahendra Sponge & Power Pvt Ltd, Phase II, Siltara Steel Growth Centre, Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Tel : 0771-2236478. Fax : 2236478. Mr.Munish Mahajan